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Athawominee - The Warriors Path


A visitor's guide to exploring the ancient Warriors Path

For motorists, hikers and canoeists

I am in need of information on the Warriors Path routing between Manchester and Irvine.
There are reports of a routing that goes through Tyner, Grey Hawk and Station Camp Creek, but details are lacking.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Contact info at the bottom of this page.

From: http://www.ucumberlands.edu/academics/history/files/vol7/ChuckDupier95.html#ChuckDupier95_26

The Warriors' Path in Kentucky extended north from the Cumberland Gap through the eastern edge of the 
Middlesboro Basin, down Yellow Creek to the point where that creek turns east. It then follows an 
overland route to the Pine Mountain water gap at Pineville. At Pineville, the path crossed the 
Cumberland River and followed along the east bank to Flat Lick, about six miles north of Pineville.(23) 
At Flat Lick, which is at the confluence of Stinking Creek and the Cumberland River, the trail turns 
northeast, up Stinking Creek, then follows a tributary called Trace Branch northward to its head, 
then crosses Kentucky Ridge at Paint Gap into the headwaters of Goose Creek which is in the watershed 
of the South Fork of the Kentucky River.(24) Thomas Walker, on May 1, 1750, approached the future site 
of Barbourville from the west and went northeastward up Little Richland Creek, across the ridge and 
down the Collins Fork of Goose Creek.(25) Walker notes in his journal on that day, 
"We got to Powell's River [Goose Creek] in the afternoon and went down it along an Indian Road, 
much frequented.. .and I think it is that Which goes through Cave Gap [Cumberland Gap]. 

23. Ibid 47-48. 

24. Norm Isaac, The Warrior Trail of Kentucky (Dublin, Indiana: Printit Press, 1980)

Another account: "From Cumberland Gap the Warrior's Path turns north crossing the Cumberland River near the present city of Pineville, Kentucky and, continuing north through Flat Lick, it crossed the divide between the Cumberland River and the Kentucky River to the head of Goose Creek. Continuing slightly west of north, it followed down Goose Creek and, passing close to the present town of Manchester, Ky in Clay County, it proceeded northwest to the vicinity of Gray Hawk, Kentucky in Jackson County, where it crossed through Sand Gap to the headwaters of Station Camp Creek. Following Station Camp Creek it crossed the Kentucky River near the present town of Irvine and, continuing west and north, crossed the Red River near its junction with the Kentucky, continuing north up Lulbegrud Creek to the vicinity of Es-kip-pa-kith-i-ki (Indian Old Fields). Just north of Indian Old Fields (which is about ten miles from Winchester, Kentucky) this famous trail forked, one branch turning northeast and, passing in the vicinity of the present day city of Mount Sterling, followed Slate Creek to its mouth where it crossed the Licking River near the present-day city of Portsmouth, Ohio. From that point, it continued up the Scioto River and on to Lake Erie. While one branch of this trail turned northeast at Es-kip-pa-kith-i-ki, the other branch continued north to the upper Blue Licks where it crossed the Licking River and continued in a northeast direction, crossing the Ohio at the mouth of Salt Lick Creek. Just before reaching the vicinity of the present day town of Flemingsburg, a third fork took off to the left and ran due north reaching the Ohio River at the mouth of Cabin Creek."

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