Athawominee - The Warriors Path

Portsmouth, Oh. to Owingsville, Ky.

The trail down the Scioto River from Chillicothe and other settlements was one of the heavily used waterways in
this part of the country. The gently flowing Scioto River offered reliable water transit to both the north and
southbound traveler.

The Scioto River joins the Ohio River near the strategically located village of Lower Shawneetown. The Warriors Path
followed the banks of a shallow and gently flowing Ohio River west to the site of present day Vanceburg, Kentucky.
Vanceburg offorded a relatively easy transit through the riverfront hills via Salt Creek. Escalapia Mountain was a
notable landmark to the Native Peoples, and stood across easy access to the Flemingsburg plain. The climb over the
ridge on the southern flank of the mountain was not difficult, and once on the other side, keeping a generally
westerly direction led the traveler to the Licking River. The Licking River was, like the Scioto, a clear guide to
the south, whether on foot or by canoe.

After a short distance the traveler would leave the Licking River as it turns east, and would follow Slate Creek in
a more southwesterly direction past present day Owingsville.

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1819 Ohio River Survey

Portsmouth - Owingsville Trail Map