Athawominee - The Warriors Path

Owingsville to Irvine

Slate Creek eventually leads to Brush Creek, but because Brush Creek meanders greatly, the trail no doubt paralleled
the general direction of the creek without following its every twist and turn.

Maintaining a generally southwesterly direction, the traveler would soon come to Lulbegrud Creek which led to the
village of Eskippakithiki, but by this time the traveler would be walking through the cultivated fields thay
supported the village population, so the creek would not be required for navigation.

Eskippakithiki was sited in the midest of a fertile plain surrounded by less hospitable hill country, so it
was a natural site for settlement. The village stood at the midpoint of the trail between the Licking River and
the Kentucky River.

A relatively short overland transit to the southwest led the traveler to the Kentucky River, although he might
choose to take a southeast course over the rolling countryside to the village of Ah-Wah-Nee. Obviously, if the
traveler was carrying trade goods or family with him, the canoe trip to Ah-Wah-Nee from the junction of the Red River
and the Kentucky River would have been the preferred route.

Ah-Wah_Nee was a good resting and meeting point for travelers preparing for the long trip down the Kentucky River to
Cumberland Gap. Once the travel left the familiar surroundings of Ah-Wah-Nee, the Kentucky River meandered through
many miles of relatively inhospitalble mountain country.

It may be noted that is is possible to choose to take an overland route to the south of Ah-Wah_nee, but navigation is
markedly more problematic, with few watercourses to provide guidance and respite from heavly forested coutryside.
Overland, many a traveler who was unfamiliar witht the countryside no doubt wasted many hours turning up the wromg
hollow and finding himself blocked, have to retrace his steps to find another route. One must also keep in mind that
hundreds of pounds of trade goods, children and senior citizens are much more easily managed in canoes, rather than
on the relatively treacherous trails though the forest, especially in less than ideal weather.

Owingsville - Irvine Trail Map