Athawominee - The Warriors Path

Irvine to Manchester

The Overland Route

Overland Trail Map

The overland Route requires that the traveler follow 10 different water courses.
As it turns out, finding ones way is not as difficult as one might imagine, although to
complete the route efficiently, the leadership of a guide who had completed the trip
previously would have been a valuable addition to the party. It would also have been possible to
provide a non-literate traveler with a simple map, indicating the direction and distance
between geographic way-points. There were no doubt also trail markers used which are now lost to history.

Trail Services at McKee, Ky

The Kentucky River Trail

Kentucky River Trail Map

Whether the traveler chose the overland route from Ah-Wah-Nee through the forest, or went by canoe down the
Kentucky River, he would eventually find his way to the area of present day Manchester. Goose Creek joins the
Kentucky River several miles north of Manchester,
and is one of the most notable creeks in the era of first contact.

Except for a stretch just southeast of Irvine, the Kentucky River flows through the Daniel Boone National Forest
much the way to its intersection with Goose Creek. Campers must be aware that there is
privately owned land within the boundaries of the Nation Forest.