Athawominee - The Warriors Path

Slate Creek to the Ohio River
via Tygarts Creek or the Little Sandy River

This historic trail follows Beaver Creek through the present day town of Frenchburg, the Licking River through the
hollows of what is now Cave Run Lake, thense along Triplett Creek, then the Soldier Branch of Tygarts Creek.
At Olive Hill the trail either continues up Tygarts Creek to the Ohio River, or trails father east and picks up
the Little Sandy River south of Grayson, and follows the Little Sandy to the Ohio River.

This is the trail that the retreating Morgan's Station Raiders used in April 1793, and following either waterway
allows a rapid and easily followed transit to the Ohio River.

The trail between Morgan's Station and the Ohio River offered the Warriors Path traveler an alternative route to the
Ohio River several miles upsream of Lower Shawneetown. The Little Sandy River is the last significant waterway
upstream of Lower Shawneetown before the Big Sandy River. Tygarts Creek was a a useful trail through the hills
whch dominate eastern Kentucky, although its waterflow is usually insufficient to enable travel by canoe for any distance.

THe Little Sandy River, in contrast, draws its water from a longer and broader catchment area and its waters easily
support travel by canoe. Grayson was a site of pre-contact habitation, no doubt in part due to its
proxemity to the river, but also because of the expanse of flat bottomland to its north (a rarity i this part of
east Kentucky. Although the Little Sandy joins the Ohio River several miles to the east of the Scioto River, it
would have been a viable alternative to packing trade goods over the length of the Flemingsburg plain, particularly
when traveling from a broad area south, east and west of the Olive Hill - Grayson area.